Oct 31, 2011

A smudge on reams of paper
furiously so.
Edges that cut fingers raw
beneath the skin
shallow blood.

Rotting flesh smooths over
roughly sewn together
scars barely visible now
pallid surface
sallow under.
This now - is maybe forever.

Apr 29, 2011

I'll be just as silent when I leave

Long before I said anything
You'd say why
has it been, you didn't?
time that was, spent on asking
That could be on accepting

If I was different,
would you have said the same?

I'll be just as silent when I leave.

Feb 21, 2011

Not You

Maybe it was right for you that I wasn't.
Beyond your way
Not to my arms, not today.

If you're lost, well you've lost me too.
I tossed a coin to see if you cared.
the cost of craving this today.

I'm in pieces, not the way you want me.
I'm thinking I might walk,
If that's the one thing I'd do today.