Jan 19, 2010


Purple night, I envy you.  
Twisty murders underneath your sheet
You see.
They don’t watch you witnessing. Silent.
Do you weep for them?
Or do you snigger at the hide and seek?
Inky dark hounds you
Billion stars. Maybe two,
cannot wipe you out.
The orange glow at rest now.
This time you can be you.

When they offer you silent prayer,
to save them.
The others look
to run away safely, not to get caught.
Do you let them know
with your many colors
That you neither grieve, nor save.
You just be.
Just be. 


The Wandering Minstrel said...

a lot of poems i read by people nowadays, are wannabe. trying to say things they themselves are not sure about.
i must tell u girl, when i read you, and the meanings sink in like lucid clear crystals, i know i have found a mirror soul :)

Mea Culpa said...

Thank you Reems :)
Coming from you, it means a lot!