Sep 20, 2009


Dark mother,
take me back into your abyss.
Forged in the altar of death
Born out the crimson
Show me death so I can
Celebrate life.

For glory is misplaced in everything material.
In your eyes I see my universe
I see.
In my pitiful existence
I see the vastness of creation.
Its extensiveness on the throes of flames
Its tender loins burning,
with the flames of forgetfulness
Of murdering fellow men
Of submissiveness.
Freedom from its knowledge would be liberation from myself. My self.

As my toes curl in anticipation,
I wait for thee.
I do not want to fear your darkness.
Because the darkest hour is just before dawn.
Where I wish to awaken

Hurtling into the light,
I just see you, welcoming me
I feel your smile through every pore on my skin.
I reach and find the missing piece
I close my eyes and find the light still percolating through them.
Indeed my world is filled with light so engulfing, so potent that I do not fear.
I only embrace myself. My self.


CHEEKU said...

Need I say this yet again? You totally rock!

Mea Culpa said...

Thank you Cheeku :) Speaking of, you haven't updated your blog in AGES!

Scribblers Inc said...

extremely beautiful...dark and moving at the same time...

SCribblers Inc.