Dec 14, 2015

Because my words aren't nearly enough

I wanted to pause and look at things as a third person - an outsider view on everything that is going on…to give me perspective.
But an outsider wouldn’t know how impossibly in love with you I am.
An outsider wouldn’t know that I find it impossible to let go of any good that’s ever happened in my life
An outsider wouldn’t know you as the one who burst my heart wide open.
You’ve changed everything

Aug 12, 2013

Out loud

Damning words.
Tripping over the other
Trumping over everything
Dimensions, perspectives
This right here, is change.

"I put up walls"
"I have fences"
that you spoke and returned

The closer I get to you
The further you seem
the stronger we are,
the weaker you seem.

Just be, my darling.
Just be for sometime.
and this too shall pass. 

Jul 29, 2013

As you speak

When words run dry, 
so do I
only to falter and try.

Maybe some day we can overlook
a golden creek and a crystal brook,
over beige lanes and silver nooks. 

time with you seems to pass me by
in half a turn or blink of an eye
But if I had to, I still would vy, 
to be a part of you until the next time you come by. 

Mar 24, 2013

The worst thing

You’re the worst thing that could happen to my words.
Words that used to cling to me, 
just waiting to be said out loud
have dwindled.
Left my side. ‘Cause now I don’t make melody
I rhyme instead.
You render me incoherent so
Clich├ęs that I wouldn’t utter if I were upside down
are all I talk in these days, in the summer haze.
(See, what I mean about rhymes?)

The darkness and the abyss that held me captive
are invaded by light instead
Brighter by the day, you’ve got me watching the sky by the night
that held me no interest, seems vast and endless now.
Dreams that were ridden with grey have colors.

There’s a little spring in my legs, a tap to my feet, unnoticed
Even the spring water meeting the lake is a tender story.
As my mind threatens to freeze the hot blood running through my veins
to a more acceptable temperature
you invade my mind and relentlessly take away the semblance of thoughts.
Angst-ridden, my muse that was
Is amorous now. Passionate even.  

and I wonder how you can possibly be
the worst thing that happened to my words
When lately, you are the best thing
that's happened to me.

Oct 31, 2011

A smudge on reams of paper
furiously so.
Edges that cut fingers raw
beneath the skin
shallow blood.

Rotting flesh smooths over
roughly sewn together
scars barely visible now
pallid surface
sallow under.
This now - is maybe forever.